LETTERS: 5.18.17

Nuclear Power Better Than Wind Turbine Development


Thank you for the moving and visually powerful Mountain Manifesto spread. I think that, ironically, the ridgeline wind turbines dominating some Vermont landscapes were brought here by some of the same activists now protesting them. As one who has cherished, hiked and respectfully utilized Vermont woodland for many decades I was an early opponent of wind power development. However, those were the days before activists succeeded in their decades-long campaign to shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, touting “wind farms” as an alternative.

By effectively attacking Vermont Yankee, Vermont activists helped trigger government subsidies for “clean power” alternatives. Hence, wind turbines. In the early 2000s, for example, the new activist administrative team of the Washington Electric Co-op in Central Vermont sold its interest in Vermont Yankee and, with the help of Congressman Bernie Sanders, used a federal grant to help build the Sheffield wind project.

Our country needs an ever increasing supply of electricity in order to remain free, progressive and productive in a world filled with hate and reactionary movements. Nuclear power, with its robust power output, minimal environmental footprint, and outstanding U.S. safety record, makes wind turbines look silly, and is a rational choice for our future power needs.

Andy Leader, North Middlesex


Don’t Restrict Wind Turbine Noise Too Much


I work at Northern Power Systems in Barre. I’m a trained research scientist and currently an engineer at Northern Power Systems. I’m not originally from Vermont. My wife and I just actually moved up to Cabot not long ago. Arriving here, I was hard pressed to find a job in my field that uses my kind of technical skills. Northern Power Systems, a manufacturer of wind turbines located in Barre is one of the few places that was able to take me on and use my skills I’ve developed. I couldn’t be happier than to go to work for a good cause that I believe in.

I believe this technology is the right direction for our country, and our world, as we face environmental issues such as climate change and economic issues that stem from a lack of security, sovereignty and independence around our energy sources. The turbines that my 70 co-workers and I create go on to make an immeasurable positive impact right here in Vermont, and across the world.

The people that I work with are Vermonters who have welcomed me with open arms, and now I am a Vermonter too, as is my wife. The 35 decibal restriction that’s proposed here would not only cripple Vermont’s future for wind energy, it would help take away the jobs from these people that I work with every day from 6 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. These rules will only take from hard working, down-to-earth people, and additionally, would serve as a disincentive for young people like myself who want to settle down in Vermont and find these well-paying jobs that are able to support a family.

Landon Mariano, Cabot


Oppose American Health Care Act


We applaud U.S. Rep. Peter Welch’s outspoken criticism of the American Health Care Act and his vote opposing it. We believe the act would be detrimental to many Vermonters.

Governor Phil Scott has been quoted (Seven Days, May 4, 2017) as having “grave concerns” about the AHCA. We call on Governor Scott to take this further — to speak out against this bill and speak up for Vermonters, and assure them that his administration will continue to improve our state’s health care system.

Under the AHCA, anyone with a pre-existing condition (which is the majority of us) would be vulnerable to losing their coverage. The AHCA does not make health care cheaper; it merely moves the costs around and places more burden on working and middle class Americans.

Over the past few years, Vermont has taken innovative steps to improve our healthcare system. Vermont has used Medicaid expansion to act on our Vermont values and provide more care to more of our neighbors. Rolling back Medicaid expansion, as the AHCA calls for, would leave many more Vermonters without coverage.

We call on Gov. Scott to oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the proposals of the American Health Care Act.

Join us in signing this petition sponsored by Rights and Democracy Vermont: http://www.radvt.org/dearphillscott

Solidarity Sundays VT, www.solidaritysundays.org


Thank You For Green Up Day

I would like to express greetings and gratitude to many who made Green Up Day 2017 a vibrant reality. Thank you!

To the volunteers: Over 22,000 people of all walks of life and varied ages volunteered to come out and clean up litter from Vermont’s roadsides, public and natural spaces and waterways. They did this before, during and after the traditional day of Green Up Day May 6. They worked through varying degrees of weather, including rain in some areas that forced delay of cleaning to the weekend after Green Up Day.

To the coordinators in each of the 251 towns, including numerous towns with a co-coordinator: These caring dedicated town coordinators, working in conjunction with Green Up Vermont — the nonprofit organization carrying on the tradition of Green Up Day, organized logistics to publicize for participation; informed residents of areas needing cleaning; made the green trash bags available and advised  what to do with filled bags; arranged for and advised of any community festivities such as breakfast, refreshments, lunch and in some cases return for gathering at a community dinner; music; raffles.

To the many schools whose students participated: Several thousand students around the state helped clean up with fellow students just prior to Green Up Day and also on Green Up Day in their communities with family, friends and neighbors.

To the numerous businesses coming out to help clean up on Friday: Over 30 businesses primarily in large towns formed teams of employees to help start the Green Up cleaning up on Friday, drawing attention  to take part in Green Up Day on Saturday. A sampling included Vermont Chamber of Commerce, Vermont Gas, Cabot Creamery, Dealer.com

To Governor Scott: The Governor with a team of his cabinet members went out on Friday to clean up a stretch of Route 2 from Montpelier to Middlesex. He is making his presence and support visible to emphasize the importance of Green Up Day.

Melinda Vieux, President, Green Up Vermont


Friends ‘Til The End


FRIEND = First + End. A friend means first ‘til the end. First means not the first meeting, but for the first time they had mutual understanding. End means it is an end for their meeting. They are apart from each other and they don’t have any means of communication but still have mutual understanding. A friend wants to see his friend happy every time. He is satisfied by making his friend happy. Satisfaction is more than the happiness. Because happiness is only for some particular time, but satisfaction leaves a mark in the heart of a person that is forever. According to me, a satisfied friend is a True Friend.

By Karuna

Be Happy

Keep Smiling

Karuna Konduri lives in Montpelier. She wrote this article about her memories of friends in India.


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