EDITORIAL: A Welcome to Asiana House

Sandra and Gary Ma have just opened Asiana, a new restaurant in Montpelier located in the former Chittenden Bank building at the corner of State and Elm streets.

Anyone who remembers the bank will likely recall its finish and high style. Well, Sandra and Gary with the help of Jeff and Jesse Jacobs have reinterpreted and in many ways recaptured the style of the place in its wood and marble floors and through the restaurant’s seating arrangements. And then there’s the formidable Chittenden safe, which stayed in place after the bank moved into a new building opposite the Supreme Court building.

In a phone conversation with The Bridge, head chef Gary talked about sushi, curry and other Asian dishes. The restaurant’s mission statement says, “Here at the Asiana House our mission is to provide diners with an exquisite blend of traditional Asian foods and cutting-edge culinary creativity. We draw on cuisine from Japan, China, Thailand and Korea and many other cultures to create our own unique blend of flavor.”

For the past 10 years, Sandra and Gary Ma have run Asiana House in Burlington. Now, we’re lucky to have them in Montpelier and welcome them as part of our diverse restaurant community.