Volunteers, Mayor Hollar, Get Ready to Kick Butts

MONTPELIER — A city insider announced the impending arrival of new ‘Sidewalk Buttlers’. Mike Roylos, of Portland Maine, created the cigarette butt receptacles in 2014, according to an article by Seth Koenig in The Bangor Daily News. Roylos, a restaurant owner, invented them because be was tired of sweeping up cigarette butts from the sidewalk in front of his eatery. […]

Tim Heney

What’s Up with the Local Real Estate Market?

Phil Dodd and Nat Frothingham of The Bridge Interviewed Tim Heney of Heney Realtors. Nat Frothingham: What is the local housing and real estate marketplace like this spring? Tim Heney: It’s vibrant. Frothingham: What do you mean when you say the market is “vibrant.” Heney: “Vibrant” means active on most fronts — increased buyer activity […]

TREE THERAPY — From Left, Bill Gessner, volunteer, Heather Calderwood, Tree Board member, Ellie Doyle, volunteer, John Snell, Tree Board member, Lynn Wild, Tree Board member and Bob Troester, volunteer, do their part to plant trees along St. Paul Street in Montpelier recently. In front is Forrest Kidd. 
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Parker

Trees, Trees, Glorious Trees: How A Neighborhood Got Together To Bring Back Trees

by Elizabeth Parker MONTPELIER — When you stop for a moment and appreciate the many tree lined streets we have here, you quickly realize that trees are treasured members of our community. Trees create shade, exhale oxygen, buffer sound and have a traffic calming effect. St. Paul Street runs between School and Liberty Streets. Once […]

Matt Link

From the Halls of MHS… What Candidate do you Support for President?

by Nathan Grutchfield The interview occurred before Rubio, Cruz and Kasich dropped out of the presidential race leaving Trump the presumptive nominee. MONTPELIER — In Vermont’s capital city, bustling with political interest from ordinary people, one place where the conversation is most powerful is at the high school. Here, young people debate and converse about […]

Photos by Kurt Budliger show colorful tile work. Courtesy of Montpelier Construction.

2016 Local Homebuilding Trends

by Carla Occaso In speaking with a few local contractors, some themes emerged about what projects are keeping builders busy: energy efficiency, smaller sizes — renovation. There are some standout exceptions to the typical job, though, and some people have the means and creativity to turn their living space into a work of art. But […]