When Was the Last Time There Was a Candidate You Really Wanted to Vote For?

by John O’Brien   In 1976, my father ran for governor of Vermont. I really wanted to vote for him but I was only 13. In 1980, a moderate Republican congressman from Illinois, John Anderson, ran for president. At high school debate tournaments, I wore his button on the lapel of my tweed blazer. I […]

Photo by Carla Occaso.

The Farm Report: How Local Sugar Shacks Rate in the 2014 Foliage Season

by Michelle A.L. Singer We know it has been a beautiful fall with sunny weekends, balmy temperatures, not much rain, and of course, beautiful leaves. The hiking and the apples have been excellent, but for local businesses, the stakes are higher than that. The appearance of tour buses heralds an important economic, as well as […]

Interim President Robert Kenny. Photo by Carla Occaso

Interview with Goddard Interim President Robert Kenny and School Overview

by Nat Frothingham   The Bridge: We thought we would open by asking you if you would be so kind as to distinguish Goddard College from the other five colleges and learning centers (in Washington County). Where does Goddard fit? Interim President Kenny: The first defining thing is that all of our programs use a […]

Moses Robinson and the Founding of Vermont by Robert A. Mello

BOOK REVIEW: “Moses Robinson and the Founding of Vermont” by Robert A. Mello

reviewed by Lindsey Grutchfield Vermont’s early years were characterized by chaos and uncertainty, but also by extraordinary resilience and independence on the part of her people. What had previously been an isolated frontier outpost began to grow in the mid 1700s with an influx of settlers, who were lured by plentiful, cheap land. Here arose […]

PlantingHope. Photo by Emily Sloan (1)

Planting Hope: The Exchange Brings Young Nicaraguans to Vermont

by Nat Frothingham   At this very moment, seven young men and women from Nicaragua—all in their 20s—are visiting Vermont and New Hampshire with an extended stay in Montpelier and a strong, recent presence at Montpelier High School. The visitors, led by a trip leader Ariel Alejandro Soza Escorcia who has an almost total command […]