The Barre Beat

by Emily Kaminsky The Barre Heritage Festival (July 23–July 27) is just around the corner and promises to be full of a family-friendly variety of danceable live music, delicious food and other fun. Organizers continue to look for volunteers, as well as parade entries and dessert submissions for La Soirée Sucrée (The Sweet Evening) at […]

Air Source Heat Pumps: A Viable Heating and Cooling Option for Vermonters

by Emily Kaminsky Air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient and effective home heating and cooling technologies on the market. Based on the same simple heat exchange system that has cooled refrigerators and freezers for years, air source heat pump technology has improved to the point that the pumps can now effectively […]

Trash Power: Cabot and Casella Wed Alternative Energy and Waste

by Carla Occaso Every little bit helps when it comes to reducing energy use, or so it seems if you look at the pioneering efforts of two Vermont companies. “In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t move the dial hugely, but it is one element,” said Jed Davis, sustainability director for Cabot Creamery, of […]

The Hewitts get all the power they use each day, an average of 4 kilowatt hours, from this solar panel overlooking the homestead.

Off the Grid: Cabot Family Eschews Television, Video Games and Supermarkets

by Carla Occaso It’s not about being “green,” but that is an important aspect of life. It is not about living self-sufficiently, but that’s cool, too. It’s more about living a satisfying life, according to Ben Hewitt, 42, who has lived with his family completely off the grid for over 15 years in the backwoods […]

Tom Koch Looks Back

by Anne Nadel-Walbridge In the 1970s, when Tom Koch first took office as a state representative from Washington County’s second district, the United States was less than half a decade out of the Vietnam War, bell-bottomed pants were the norm, radio waves resonated with the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack and Archie Bunker was a household […]

July 17 2014

Heard on the Street

State Sues Dollar Tree over Jewelry The Vermont Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has sued small-box retailer Dollar Tree for violation of a 2010 agreement under which the national chain committed itself to stop selling jewelry in the state. Dollar Tree’s testing protocols do not ensure detection of traces of toxic lead and cadmium present in […]