Adamant Co-op as it is today. Photo by Larry Floersch

Cooperative Store Stands the Test of Time

by Larry Floersch The A&P grocery store in Montpelier is long gone. The Finast in Berlin is also gone. So, too, the Grand Union in Barre. The Grand Union in Montpelier is now a Shaw’s, Howard’s Friendly Market in South Barre was sold to Hannaford, and the P&C on the Barre-Montpelier Road changed into Price […]

Herbal cupping therapy at Mandala Botanicals.

Healing with Nature: Lory Explores Roots of Medicine

by Carla Occaso ORANGE — When thinking of medicine, health and healing, you might first think of hospitals. Or you might think of doctors, pills and pharmacies. But some people who practice the art of healing swear by the power of mother nature. Sandra Lory of Orange has embarked on studying and using a grassroots […]

Photo by Carla Occaso

City Block Demolished, Two Lots Undergoing Clean Up

by Ed Sutherland BARRE — Since the early 1900s, two lots on Summer Street in downtown Barre have been exposed to a range of uses — including apartment housing and light industrial such as woodworking. Because of the range of uses the two Summer Street lots have been exposed to chemical pollution. But now as […]

Photo by Paul Seaton

Remembering the Oldest Continuously Running Store in Vermont

by Nat Frothingham ADAMANT — I was manager of the Adamant Cooperative store for not quite two years — from sometime in March 1990 until the end of February 1992. In the very earliest days of my time as manager, someone drew my attention to a story written as a special feature by Sally Johnson […]

VCFA President Thomas Greene. Photo by Carla Occaso.

Higher Education Spotlight on Vermont College of Fine Arts: Interview with President (and Author) Thomas Christopher Greene

by Carla Occaso and Nat Frothingham Nat Frothingham: We are putting together a series of profile on the six institutions of higher education in Washington County. Vermont College of Fine Arts is one of them. Please describe the college. Thomas Greene: Vermont College of Fine Arts has quickly become one of the leading graduate arts […]

January 22 - February 4, 2015

Aldrich Library Offers Free Senior Day Talk about Ancient Ireland

BARRE — Micheal Cerulli Billingsley of Plainfield will present an illustrated talk based upon ancient stories and his own archaeological research in southwest Ireland at the Milne Room of the Aldrich Public Library starting at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 4. Billingsley, who is a research consultant for the Irish Spiritual Heritage Association, has been […]