Scott Milne. Photo by Carla Occaso.

Milne Won’t Back Down

by Carla Occaso It is one thing to interview a political candidate as part of a press conference — diving in front of TV cameras to get a clear photo and crouching down to take notes — but it is another thing to have a nice long talk with a man who is on what […]

Photo by Carla Occaso.

Scott Milne: Up Close and Personal Q&A

by Nat Frothingham Why Didn’t Milne Concede? Nat Frothingham: You took some time between the election and your announcement at the Statehouse just a few days ago. How did that decision get made? Were people pressuring you or did you just come up with the decision on your own not to concede? Scott Milne: I […]

Photo by Michael Jermyn

Bo Muller-Moore Wins “Eat More Kale” Lawsuit

by Nat Frothingham and The Bridge staff MONTPELIER — Bo Muller-Moore, the “Eat More Kale” artist, won his trademark case against fast food chain Chick-fil-A, it was announced Friday, Dec. 12, at the Statehouse. Chik-fil-A had slapped Muller-Moore with a “cease and desist” order, claiming the kale guy was infringing on its trademarked “eat mor […]

MiddleGround Florist Has Flowers in Winter

story and photos by Lindsey Grutchfield What comes to mind when most people think of bouquets of flowers are the plastic-wrapped tulips or carnations that wilt in the average supermarket. The intricate arrangements of MiddleGround Florist could not be more different from these offerings. Here, Yana Poulson creates hand-tied bouquets with skill wrought from her […]

Gossens Bachman Architects designed this building, Montpelier District Heat Plant. Photo by Gary Hall Photography.

Gossens Bachman Architects Win Design Awards

MONTPELIER —  Two buildings received design excellence awards from the Vermont chapter of American Institute of Architects. The projects, designed by Gossens Bachman Architects, were awarded at AIAVT’s annual meeting at the Statehouse on Dec. 4. The first was award for the Capstone Community Action office. The new facility, located in Barre, had many sustainable […]

Artifacts on display at the Vermont History Center.

Barre History Collection Finds New Home at Vermont History Center

by Emily Kaminsky BARRE — A rich collection of archival material and artifacts representing Barre’s earliest history through the turn ofthe 19th century and beyond will soon be settled into its new home at the Vermont Historical Society’s Vermont History Center, which is home to the Vermont Heritage Galleries and the Howard and Alba Leahy […]

December 18, 2014

Keep it Real. Support The Bridge. By Regularly Involving Young People, The Bridge Makes Youth Care

by Lindsey Grutchfield When my generation is mentioned in conversation, we tend to be described as tech-obsessed, culturally shallow, emotionally vacant and utterly disinterested in anything outside of ourselves and our favorite celebrities. I can say firsthand that this diagnosis could not be more false. True, we are the most technologically savvy generation, being the […]