Proposed Redstone Carr Lot plan. Photo courtesy Montpelier City Manager's office.

Carr Lot: Visions and Revisions

by C.B. Hall The mills of the gods grind slow, the saying goes, but they grind exceedingly fine. A civic committee began in the mid-1990s to investigate possible public acquisition of the so-called “Carr Lot,” also known as 1 Taylor Street, for redevelopment as a transit center. However, it was only last week that the […]

Students learn a wide range of hands-on design and building skills in Yestermorrow’s courses. Photo courtesy of Yestermorrow Design/Build School.

Natural Joinery: Sterling College and Yestermorrow Design/Build School Announce New Partnership

by Jerry Carter It is often remarked that Vermonters do things differently. Part of that perception stems from institutions like Sterling College and Yestermorrow Design/Build School. These two schools, for decades now, have taught scores of students how to be environmental stewards, to live more sustainably and to value community. Until now, these two institutions […]

Mark Lane, owner of Lane's Gun Shop, a home business in East Montpelier, stands in front of some of his guns. Photo by Carla Occaso.

Gun Control Efforts Boost Sales for Local Firearm Dealer

by Carla Occaso The first thing you notice when you drive up Mark Lane’s driveway on Gould Hill in East Montpelier is a big American flag on his garage. The second thing is the “Friends of the NRA (National Rifle Association)” sign by the door. He has had a home business selling guns since he […]

April 3 2014

It’s Elementary Art

by Michelle A.L. Singer “It’s explicit and exquisite.” That’s how artist and art teacher Heidemarie Holmes-Heiss describes children’s art. “You can feel that it’s an amazing expression when a child picks up a pencil and draws. It’s exquisite, exciting and even sacred.” Holmes-Heiss has been teaching art for fourteen years and is currently the art […]