Poetry by Hazel Singer

Hannah Eschelbach tends the chickens at Montpelier High School this spring. Photo by Michael Jermyn.

ESSAY: On Chickens

From The Breeze by Hannah Eschelbach They smell bad. They screech during test time. Inescapably loud. Sometimes they escape and chase innocent, frightened freshmen. They will eat the garden if you let them roam around. With all the murals on the walls and people playing guitars right there in the hallways, this is a weird […]


OPINION: No Wonder We’re Cranky! “Period Tax” Unfair to Menstruating Women

From The Breeze by Sam Murray, Callie Dalley, Kaitlyn O’Reilly and Izzy Banse Feminine hygiene products have been taxed since 1973, making anyone with a period pay extra for their monthly necessities. Following a successful campaign in 2000, the tax was lowered considerably, but women still pay tax on tampons and pads. This is unfair […]


OPINION: What Does Money Have to do with Music?

From The Breeze by Hannah Eschelbach Even if more money doesn’t equal more power, there’s still the idea that the rich are more cultured and more easily immersed in what are known as ‘high-class’  activities. The reason for this isn’t that they are all snobs, it’s just that they can afford to be thus immersed. […]


Thoughts on Berlin Pond: Montpelier’s Primary Source of Drinking Water

From The Breeze by Anders Shenholme As is quite apparent, the recreational use of Berlin Pond has been highly controversial ever since the Vermont Supreme Court revoked Montpelier’s control over the small water body in 2012. Now, with a charter change that would give Montpelier power over its water source still yet to be passed, […]


A Celebration of the Old Meeting House: Fifty years since its revival commemorated

From The Breeze by Nathan Grutchfield This past May, the Old Meeting House in East Montpelier celebrated 50 years as an active congregation for members of the Central Vermont community. Although, it should be noted, the church’s history goes significantly further back than 1966, and even dates to the time when East Montpelier and Montpelier […]

Sue Kruthers

New President and Rotarian of The Year Announced

photos and story by Carla Occaso MONTPELIER — The Montpelier Chapter of the Rotary Club has named a new president and a new Rotarian of The Year. Sue Kruthers, formerly of Central Vermont Medical Center, is stepping up to become president to replace Rotary President Eddie Rousse. Rousse ceremoniously introduced her to the group, who […]


Hotly Contested House Seat Contenders Step Forward

by Carla Occaso EAST MONTPELIER/MIDDLESEX — The Bridge ran press releases from candidates vying for the House seat to be vacated by Vermont House Representative Tony Klein, D-Washington 5, of East Montpelier in its last issue. Klein announced this past term would be his last after serving 14 years. He was known for his work […]

Photo courtesy of Montpelier Alive

Independence Day Gets International Flair

by Carla Occaso MONTPELIER — Take a trip around the world, yet never leave town. New Food? Mexican, Japanese, German, Italian. New marching candidates? Yes. New activities? Olympic games on the State House lawn, Montshire Museum exhibit. New music? The Full Cleveland. What is it? Montpelier’s big Independence Day celebration, Sunday, July 3. “It’s an […]

A photo of Sandra Gallup that appeared in the February 2006 issue of  The Bridge when Gallup began as Finance Director.

Finance Director Sandra Gallup To Retire

by Carla Occaso MONTPELIER — Longtime Finance Director Sandra Gallup is bidding “adieu” to City Hall come September 1. She has been at the post for 10 and a half years, since December 2005. “I will miss Montpelier a lot. It is a great city and the staff has been so wonderful to work with,” […]


GRANITE CITY GROOVE: Granite City Grocery Cooperative Seeks A Home

by Joshua Jerome Three years ago a small contingent of Barre residents came together in the hopes of forming a cooperatively owned grocery store downtown. Granite City Grocery was formed and since that time there has been a cadre of dedicated volunteers who have steered the organization through a delicate process of vetting properties and […]

Richard Shaw Photo by Sandy Pitonyak

EDITORIAL: Thanking Community Service Officer and Policeman Richard Shaw

by Nat Frothingham Here’s a note about Richard Shaw who had an early career for 28 years in various posts with the State of Vermont that ended when he was a Parole & Probation officer with the Department of Corrections. But here, in this note, let’s remember Richard Shaw for his work in both in […]

June 16 — July 20, 2016

Art Show Coming to Berlin Mall

Art Show Coming to Berlin Mall

BERLIN — Starting July 8 through fall, the “Big Art ~ Bold Vision” exhibit featuring 16 artists will be affixed to Berlin Mall’s sizable windows. “This is a high quality group of artists, and it’s a delight to bring their wonderful work to the people,” said Janet Van Fleet, the exhibit’s curator and one of the founders of Studio Place Arts […]