A Changing Downtown: Ripples of the Proposed Parking Garage

By Mike Dunphy It would be no surprise if the first public argument in Montpelier’s 231-year history was about parking, or hitching, rather. After years of agonizing hemming and hawing, the city finally stands on the precipice of realizing a possible solution with a proposed four-story, 360-spot parking garage that will be on the November […]

Voters Asked to Approve Ban on Plastic Bags, Straws

By Tom Brown Some 350 U.S. cities have enacted some sort of ban on the kind of single-use plastic bags you find at grocery stores and other retailers. Montpelier intends to add its name to the list if voters approve a  charter change proposed on the November 6 ballot. A “yes” vote on Article 4 […]

Artisans Hand Celebrates 40 Years of Inspiration

Compiled by Maggie Neale and Jill Pralle In November 1978, a group of area craftspeople set up a holiday market on Langdon Street across from Horn of the Moon Café. The 17 artisans assembled their work, divided up tasks, held their breath, and opened the doors. The first two months were so successful that they […]

Soulmate(s): When Film and Vermont are a Perfect Match

By Sarah Davin “One of the things we really wanted to bring into this film, and one of the reasons why we wanted to set it here, is because we have a lot of nostalgia for home and we wanted to show people into that world.” —Stephanie Lynn A deep passion for the Green Mountain State […]

Memorial Honors Spanish Flu Victims in Barre

By Larry Floersch Last year’s (2017-2018) flu season was a particularly bad one, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with an estimated 80,000 deaths in the United States caused by the flu or its complications. Yet that number pales in comparison with the year 1918, when “Spanish flu” infected one-third of the […]

October 18–October 31, 2018

Candidates for Washington County Senate Share Their Views

The Bridge invited all seven candidates for three Washington County Senate seats to respond to our candidate questionnaire on issues facing the legislature in the 2019-2020 biennium. There is one open seat this term because Sen. Francis Brooks of Montpelier did not seek re-election. Incumbents seeking re-election are Sens. Ann Cummings and Anthony Pollina. Here […]