Rejuvenated Golden Dome Awaits its Goddess

by Tom Brown Montpelier’s capitol dome proudly displays her fresh 23.75 carat gold coat as she glitters in the early fall sun, but she looks a bit barren without her signature crown. Five miles away in the cavernous Vermont Granite Museum in Barre, master wood sculptor Chris Miller is chipping away on two tons of […]

Fitness Studio Expands in Montpelier

By Phil Dodd The Cross Training Studio, a two-room boutique fitness center in downtown Montpelier, is adding another room this month and accepting new members, according to owner and trainer CB Kaiser. Kaiser plans to cap membership at 35 or 40 people so the studio retains its club-like feel, he said. Kaiser originally planned to […]

Keep Summer Alive with these 5 Winter-friendly Indoor Plants

by Sarah Davin As the leaves fall this autumn, so does serotonin and melatonin, disrupting our circadian rhythm and making it more difficult to sleep. This can lead to that glum feeling during the long winter months now diagnosed as Seasonal Affective Disorder—or SAD. It grows serious enough for six percent of Americans to be […]

Rock Solid Pays Tribute to Barre’s Stone Work

By Sue Higby, executive director of Studio Place Arts The 18th annual stone show Rock Solid at Studio Place Arts (SPA) in Barre highlights another chapter in the cultural mosaic of a community whose history is tightly linked to the arts. The city’s reverence for stonework is clearly emphasized by its main gateways, which are […]

Elm Street Welcomes Montpelier’s “Hippiest” New Joint

by Tim Simard The first thing one notices when entering The Hippie Chickpea is the tantalizing aroma of spices, cooked meats, and roasting vegetables. In an instant, you are transported from the sidewalks of Elm Street to a languid afternoon in a café on the Mediterranean coast. That’s one of the main goals of owners […]

Full Circle: Martin Philip Wins Vermont Book Award

By Michelle A.L. Singer Martin Philip’s Breaking Bread: A Baker’s Journey Home in 75 Recipes is part cookbook and part memoir—ingredients unique enough to earn this year’s Vermont Book Award. Philip, who is the head bread baker for King Arthur Flour, is the first author of a creative nonfiction/memoir book to win the award, which […]

October 4–October 17, 2018

NATURE WATCH: Autumn is Here!

NATURE WATCH: Autumn is Here!

by Nona Estrin Purple wild asters, red and sugar maples in earliest crimson or yellow!  Spruce Mountain Range to our east begins to glow.  A couple of ash trees across the road are burnishing to deep mahogany.  Flocks of robins, white-throated sparrows, and a flicker with its characteristic white rump, scatter into the still-green brush. […]