Nat Frothingham Bids Farewell to The Bridge

At its beginnings, The Bridge was then, and in many ways is still, a very grassroots enterprise. I have a strong memory of that very first moment in May 1993 when Phil Dodd and I sat down over a cup of coffee at the old Horn of the Moon Café on Langdon Street and talked […]

An Interview with Montpelier’s New Mayor, Anne Watson

Back on Town Meeting Day, Montpelier voters elected a new mayor, Anne Watson, an award-winning physics teacher at Montpelier High School, where she has taught for the past 13 years. In between her classes and meetings, The Bridge sat down with Mayor Watson to get her views on her new job, recent controversies, and her […]

Looking Ahead to Spring at NECI on Main

by Nat Frothingham The calendar and the weather are at odds again. The calendar is telling us it’s spring, but the weather is telling that an almost vengeful winter with snow, ice, and freezing rain is still very much with us. Despite the weather, a few days ago, in expectation of spring Chef Jean-Louis Gerin […]

Banchan Brings a Taste of Korea to Montpelier

by Suzanne Podhaizer At Banchan, a new Korean restaurant in Montpelier, the first thing visitors receive is a pot filled with roasted corn tea. In the cup, the liquid is amber, with a sweet and nutty flavor. The dining room walls are painted pale green and deep teal, both of which are reminiscent of the […]

CBD Brings AroMed New Success—and New Space

by Mike Dunphy Just as the breath of life involves contraction and expansion, so too does Montpelier’s downtown business community. Adding a sweeter fragrance to that air is Lauren Andrews, owner of AroMed, who has expanded her business thanks to rapid growth and a loyal customer base here and in the flatlands. While the retail […]

April 19–May 2, 2018

Nat Frothingham Steps Down: Statement from the Board of Directors

Dear Dedicated Readers and Supporters, What is a bridge? A bridge is a bond that connects side to side, person to person, and community to community. It was this on this principle, Montpelier’s hometown newspaper, The Bridge, was founded, and we have pursued this goal with full heart and earnest determination. Thanks to a tremendous […]