City-owned Pool Idea Swims Against the Current

By Tom Brown Alot of folks would like to see a new recreation and aquatic center in Montpelier, but far fewer are willing to see city taxpayers bear the full cost. That is one of the key takeaways from a recent survey that asked a sampling of residents to assess the city’s recreation facilities and […]

Ginny Callan Reflects on Eight Years on Act 250 Commission

By Mike Dunphy Since 1970, Act 250 has sought to “protect and conserve the lands and the environment of the state of Vermont and insure that these public lands and environment are devoted to uses which are not detrimental to the public welfare and interests”—or so the text of the law evinces. Key to administration […]

Montpelier Flood Watch: Helpful tips to stay safe and avoid damage before, during, and after floods

Montpelier is a city that has experienced flooding since its inception, with recorded events back as far as July 1830. These included the Great Flood of 1927 and the ice-jam flood in 1992, both of which caused significant damage. In the past, the city responded by building dams, levees, and channelizing the rivers and streams, […]


Charter Change Narrowly Approved, Spending Items Sail in Montpelier

By Tom Brown Montpelier residents were almost equally divided on granting the City Council the authority to regulate energy efficiency in homes and businesses. Voters on Town Meeting Day approved a  proposed charter change that would allow the council to write and enforce energy efficiency standards by a vote of 928-896. The council wanted the […]

March 6–March 19, 2019


Want to Become Involved with City Government? There are 12 vacancies on seven of the city’s 23 committees, according to Jamie Granfield of the city manager’s office. “The Planning Commission, Tree Board, Conservation Commission, Parks Commission, and others often have more applicants than seats to fill because residents feel strongly about those issues and want […]