The Capital City Farmers Moves . . . and Moves Again

by Mike Dunphy Those attending the opening of the outdoor Capital City Farmers’ Market on May 5 could be forgiven for doing a double take. Not more than a week or two before, newspapers (The Bridge included) were declaring the market’s “new” location on State Street. However, that Saturday morning found the market in its […]

Green Thumb Fashion: Living Plant Jewelry Reaches Vermont

by Sarah Davin Long, thin tendrils wrap their way out of the supportive metal wire, suspended safely like a precious bird in its birdcage. The colors of the leaves range from a soft, pleasant, snow-pea green to a vibrant red at the center. The small, living plant appears to subsist on nothing. There are no […]

A Step Forward for Food Recovery and Security for Our Region

by Allison Levin Did you know that every season about one million pounds of food is grown on farms in Washington County that never gets to our kitchens and dining room tables? Despite the fact that the need for that food has never been greater, food insecurity continues to be a major issue for too […]

Mountain Chic Mixes Rustic Vermont with Modern Style

by Sarah Davin Homes are more than mere places to eat, sleep, and store your things, they are almost living, breathing organisms that both reflect and are shaped by the spirit and life decisions of the owner. For interior designers like Stowe-based Brenna B Interiors and Montpelier-based Steeplechase Design+Build, the goal is to find the […]

May 17–June 6, 2018

The Bridge Needs You!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Bridge. To help it secure another 25 years, the board of directors of the newspaper has created Friends of The Bridge, an organization to raise much-needed funds. The Bridge itself has been organized as a Vermont nonprofit business for the past year and a half and is […]