Vermont Has Film Festivals, but Does It Have a Film Industry?

by Mike Dunphy Living abroad, it was often a challenge for me to explain Vermont. The vast majority of people I’d meet had never heard of it, and oddly, would often confuse it with vermouth.  Thankfully, when The Lord of the Rings movies came out, I was able to say, “You know Hobbiton? That’s essentially […]

Montpelier Celebrates its First Gold Medal and Olympian Amanda Pelkey

by Michael Bielawski When Amanda Pelkey stepped off a Greyhound bus from Boston and arrived back in Montpelier on March 9, for the first time in its history, the city got a chance to celebrate an Olympic gold medal. Pelkey, who is from Montpelier and a 2011 graduate from Montpelier High School, was a member […]

Your Summer Camps Crib Sheet

With so much summer goodness to tap in Vermont, it’s no wonder that camps for children (and adult children)  flourish in Central Vermont from June to August, providing a wide range of opportunities to both learn new skills, make new friends, and have a lot of fun. The Bridge has put together a crib sheet […]

Filmmaker and VCFA Student Tamara Perkins Discusses Life After Life

compiled by Mike Dunphy Few people, much less filmmakers, are as willing to dig into the “underbelly” of society as VCFA student Tamara Perkins. And she goes even further, devoting much time and energy to rehabilitation of those that either fall, or dive through, the cracks, be it with yoga and mindfulness training or filmmaking. […]

More than a Pretty Face: Five Feminist Films in the GMFF

by Sarah Davin The Oscars ceremony this year was alive with political activism, with actors and actresses on the red carpet responding to questions about the #MeToo movement. One of the moments that stood out the most was Frances McDormand’s acceptance speech for her Oscar for best actress. After putting the spotlight on all the […]

March 15–April 4, 2018

Local Businesses Donate Solar Power

Local Businesses Donate Solar Power

Two Central Vermont businesses—The Alchemist and S.T. Paving—have gone solar, but with an unexpected twist. The solar panels on their roofs, installed in collaboration with SunCommon, are producing more power than their facilities need, so they’re sharing it. The Alchemist will be donating that extra power to the Waterbury Senior Center, averaging $250 of clean […]