Taylor Street Breaks New Ground

by Lené Gary May 29, 2018 marked the end of a decades-long proverbial winter. Under bluebird skies, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and Gov. Phil Scott joined Montpelier Mayor Anne Watson and many others in a jubilant groundbreaking celebration at the future site of the 1 Taylor Street Project. Laughter and smiles came easily as community […]

Parklets or Parking? Which Brings More to Montpelier?

by Mike Dunphy When the first planks for a new parklet were laid down outside Down Home Kitchen on Langdon Street, Montpelier began to buzz over the wisdom of such a venture. While critics chafed at the loss of parking spaces, alleged minimal notification, and traffic issues, others cheered the move as something new and […]

Dads and Kids Find Community—and Play— at the Family Center

by Claire Kendall Active and engaged fathers are critical to strong and healthy families, and The Family Center of Washington County in Montpelier has been pursuing that mission since 2001 with its “Dads and Kids Playgroup” every Thursday evening from 5:30 to 7 pm. As the flier says: “Come to Dads Playgroup, a relaxed place […]

Monty Python Meets Les Mis in Urinetown at Lost Nation Theater

by Sarah Jane Schostack Urinetown, the Musical tells you what it is. It does not hide nor mask itself, but embraces its quirks, bad title and all. Originally on Broadway in 2001, Urinetown turned the theater world on its end. Everything about it seemed to ensure a flop. As Little Sally and Officer Lockstock will […]

Disturbances on Scribner Street

by Maggie Neale How can the actual length of a street in Montpelier that has brought me home for 23 years and been maintained by the city suddenly be in question, with the suggestion by the Montpelier Director of Public Works that the portion of the city street ends before my driveway entrance? What? How […]

June 7–June 20, 2018

Students Shine at Montpelier High School Graduation

by Sarah Davin Graduation gowns are surprisingly uncomfortable to wear outside. They usually come in dark colors, meaning that on that beautiful summer day, these human-enveloping tarps absorb the heat of the sun and hold it close to the human body. Over the course of the long ceremony, as the principal reads through all of […]